Carolina González Van Eechoud

Growing up,  Carolina González Van Eechoud was always very sensitive, and very aware something was missing in her life.

On completion of her first Reiki course in 2004, Carolina became aware of her healing abilities and from thay day forward she found her path to fulfill her heart’s desire to help, heal and provide assistance for others on their healing journey.

In 2005 Carolina attended her first Sekhem All-Love workshop lead by her husband to be Michael Heemskerk. This was another  big opening and turning point in her own personal journey and her healing abilities for others.

Working with her husband with Sekhem All-Love classes and other modalities allowed her to develop a deeper and more effective way to support others spiritually.

Carolina has been described as an angel, having delicate and loving energy. Her gentleness creates a sacred space so her clients always feel held and supported.

My Journey

Carolina González Van Eechoud

“Be the change you want to see in the world.” Gandhi

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