Emma Maltby

Yoga entered my life in my twenties through the physical practice. In my thirties, I delved into the spiritual aspects, and by my forties, yoga had become my holistic lifestyle. After relocating to Italy in 2017, I became a full-time yoga teacher.

For me, recovery means living authentically from the heart. Yoga played a pivotal role in my journey to sobriety, harmonizing body, mind, and spirit. Through this integration, I found true freedom and now share this transformative path in a nurturing, accepting community.

At El Sabanero Eco Lodge, I facilitate my third season of healing retreat experiences. Here, participants immerse themselves in movement, sweat, breath, laughter, tears, and most importantly, the essence of complete presence.

I’ve been a certified RYT 200 instructor since 2017 and on March 31, 2019, I’ll celebrate my sobriety milestone – a symbol of my ongoing growth and self-discovery.

My Journey

Yoga Instruction
Specializing in physical, mental, and spiritual practices for healing and self-discovery.

Supportive Environment
Creates nurturing spaces for students to explore their practice and cultivate self-awareness.

RYT 200 Certification
Certified as a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) 200 since 2017.

Sobriety Journey
Celebrates sobriety milestone of March 31st, 2019, embracing ongoing growth and self-discovery.

Emma Maltby

"The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step." - Lao Tzu

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It was an Amazing and Outstanding Experience. So Calm and Healing.
Count me in again 🥰
Jessy N. - Ohio/USA

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